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  • Peggys_Cove(1) - Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia
  • White_Wolf - This white wolf was photographed at the Toronto Zoo
  • wedding
  • IMG_0904_original
  • IMG_0180_edited-1
  • Peggys_Cove
  • IMG_7240_3_original_original
  • IMG_6121_2.clarity
  • Stunt_biker_1 - Stunt biker at Markham Fair
  • IMG_7612-2_original_original_original
  • Daisy_original_original - Daisies
  • Red_barns
  • Toogood_Pond_1_original_original - Toogood Pond in Unionville taken early in the morning.
  • IMG_3493_(Copy)_original_original
  • IMG_1058_original

Hello & Welcome
I'm a Stouffville, Ontario photographer who loves to create images that capture the beauty of landscapes, waterscapes, nature, flora and especially wedding, portrait and event photos for my customers.