I'm Ken Jarvis, a photographer located in Stouffville, Ontario and specializing in weddings, engagements, portraits and special events.

It's important to me to establish a friendly working relationship with my clients by reliably adding to their memorable moments.

My marketing strategy is to satisfy people on a budget. I know that most people visiting this website are on a budget and prices are the first thing they want to see. All of “My Services” prices are shown up front with no hidden costs. My rates are 25% lower than industry standard guides, and I offer even deeper discounts for stock and assignment photography. I like being creative with each and every shoot and I focus on producing the best photos possible for each client. I hope you enjoy browsing our website.

With fast changing technologies in the photographic field, I continually upgrade my camera equipment and photo editing software to offer precise and creative photographic images.

Recognizing a need in our community for people to learn more of the photographic arts, I founded and continue to facilitate the Stouffville Camera Club.

I am also a member in another local photography group called The Passing Show.

I advertise with Photolinks, and Stouffville Connects

Travelling around Ontario capturing nature and landscapes is one of my passions. I discover out-of-the-way places capturing special shots that others might miss. It's a bit risky at times but worth the effort to reveal unique perspectives in remote locations.

I am a member of the Photographic Society of America.

I started a new photo website called Stouffville Photos.