Aerial Photography


Aerial Photography - video or still photos

Pricing starts at $80 for still photos or $100 for video (includes basic editing with no sound).  Advanced video editing can be arranged.  This price will include approximately 15 minutes of flying time to capture sufficient video or still photos.  Video or stills can be taken horizontally or vertically looking straight down.  Additional time can be arranged.  Learn more about this camera here.

WHY USE THIS SERVICE:  Flying Cameras offers a different point of view.  An example would be for Real Estate marketing.  UAVs can easily take photos and videos of property and buildings that would otherwise be inconceivable or incredibly expensive.  UAVs are perfect for flyover shots of big properties.  Actual sample footage can be viewed in this gallery.  More footage will be added as it becomes available.

FLYING RESTRICTIONS:  Because of privacy issues I will not operate this camera too close to residential homes unless photographing for real estate.  To avoid damage to this camera I will not fly on windy days, extremely cold days or if there is fog, mist or rain.  For liability reasons I will not fly near crowds of people or highways unless they are part in the photo shoot. 

Our contract must be read and signed and returned to the photographer before or at the time of your photo session.  Download your copy hereA copy will be brought to your photo session to be signed.