Ken Jarvis Photography: Blog en-us (C) Ken Jarvis Photography (Ken Jarvis Photography) Sun, 17 Jun 2018 23:37:00 GMT Sun, 17 Jun 2018 23:37:00 GMT Ken Jarvis Photography: Blog 90 120 IRIScan Book 5 I purchased an IRIScan Book 5 a couple of days ago and have been testing it out.  It's a great portable scanner for doing everyday scans.  It will scan in both jpg or pdf at 300, 600 or 1200dpi.  I like how it can scan anything that has a flat surface.  I tried scanning wallpaper and table cloths that have patterns and it worked great.  It will also scan multi page pdf's.



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New home page video As a change from a slideshow I added a video introduction to my home page.  Visitors have the option to watch it or not to.  I could change the video periodically.  The idea is to add other options and key points to the front page of this website.


Website introWebsite intro

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New gallery with video tutorials I created a new gallery with tutorials that I create and I plan to add to this gallery as soon as I can get new material.  

Click on "Read full post" to get the link to the galllery.  Enter gallery.

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Webinar on Lens Filters

I am holding another webinar on February 13th at 7pm on various lens filters and their uses.  There is still room if you would like to register for this session.


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Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls Me and 3 other photographers visited Niagara Falls 2 days ago.  I like the colours of photographing at night.  I used manual settings for this exposure.

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Family BBQ and birthdays Last Saturday I took photos again like last year for a family BBQ and birthdays.  Here is a group photo with most of the guest.

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Artistic gallery Algonquin parkAlgonquin parkThis photo won 1st place in the Landscape contest at website.

I started an artistic gallery because there are times I go out and take pictures and when editing they appear very dull or unusable.  So enhancing and manipulating them turns them into art.

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Country Casa Montessori Daycare staff photos This past Monday I took staff photos at Country Casa Montessori Daycare.  There were still ice pellets visible on the ground from the storm in the afternoon.

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Carden Alvar Birding Area I captured this little bird last Tuesday when 7 of us photographers visited the Carden Alvar birding area near Kirkfield.  I am glad I took my 400mm lens to be able to get close enough.

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New website and blog I recently moved my previous website to this new server so this blog is just getting started.  I will add new updates as they come along.

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