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About me

  • I’m a Stouffville, Ontario photographer who loves to create images that capture the beauty of landscapes, waterscapes, nature, flora and especially portrait, event photos and marketing videos for my customers.

  • I provide photography services for Stouffville, Markham, Uxbridge, in the York & Durham Regions and even beyond these boundries if requested.

  • I'm listed with Photolinks and Stouffville Connects.

    • Recognizing a need in our community for people to learn more of the photographic arts, I founded the Stouffville Camera Club in 2011 and am continuing as an active member.
    • I am also a member in another local photography group called The Passing Show. 

    About this website

    To better serve visitors viewing this website multiple languages are now supported. By offering multiple languages I hope that your browsing experience will be more enjoyable and easier to navigate. Sorry for any spelling or grammer errors. I will correct any as I become aware of them.