Family Portrait


  • Up to 45 minutes at a location of your choice. This session is for 2 or more people.
  • Approximately 75 to 100 photos will be taken during your photo session.  You will have the option to select up to 25 photos from the 75 to 100 photos that were taken during you photo session from within your private gallery.  This is easily done using a star rating system.  You can watch this short tutorial to see how easy it is to select the photos from your gallery.  After choosing your 25 photos they will then be sent to our professional lab for processing.
  • PROFESSIONAL IMAGE EDITING -  After choosing the 25 photos from your gallery, your digital RAW photos will be sent to a professional lab for processing. Turn around time is approximately 3 to 7 days but could be longer during peak months.  Your final images will be in jpeg format in full resolution.

Photography Contract - please read this contract prior to booking a photo session.