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A website or social media page isn't complete without a professional looking logo.  See the examples below showing several types of logos that you can purchase.  I will create your logo to suit your brand.  With each purchase I will create three logos for you each with different fonts and layout.

Transparent Logo

This logo is a png file with transparency.  There are many fonts that can be used to suit your page.

Transparent Colour Logo

This is similar to the above logo but any colour can be used to match your brand.

Logo With Background

Any colour can be used for the background to match your brand.

Logo With Slogan

Your logo can have a slogan as shown in this example both with different fonts.

Logo With Icons

Your logo can have almost any icon.  The icon can be on the left, right, above or below your logo.  Also any colour be be used for the icon or text.

Logo With Graphic

Your logo can be added to a graphic.  I currently have 55 styles of graphics to choose from.  These are also transparent.