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You can submit any full size picture that can be embedded into one of the mockups below.  I have about 30 styles in each category.  There are two shown here in each category using my profile picture in each example.  

  • Send one full resolution photo to use in your mockup using this form.
  • I will create one mockup for each category for a total of five images.
  • I will send your images for review.  They will contain my watermark as shown in the first image below.
  • After you review and pay for your order I will send you the final images without my watermark.
  • Final images will be sized for web viewing at 1920x1080.  Some images may vary.

PC mockup #1

PC mockup #2

Laptop mockup #1

Laptop mockup #2

Tablet mockup #1

Tablet mockup #2

Smartphone mockup #1

Smartphone mockup #2

Stationary, books, etc, mockup #1

Stationary, books, etc, mockup #2