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NOTE:  This free service is optional and will only be used if requested by the client at the time of the photo session.  A minimum of two of your final edited photos will be selected by me to edit using this technique.  You can request additional photos to be edited using this technique afterwards but there will be a $10 processing fee per photo.

You may want a photo of yourself that has the appearance of being in a magazine.  For headshots, skin smoothing and blemish removal can be done. For full body portraits either body slimming can be done or even adding features for thin people plus using skin smoothing on the face.  To see how this process works check out two sample photos in this gallery

For headshots or personal portraits, here are several enhancements that my software will do. 

  • Fix skin blemishes
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Apply lipstick, eye shadow, blusher and more.
  • Remove grease, sweat or shine
  • Reshape any aspect of the face
  • Enhance the eyes and mouth
  • Smooth, recolor and thicken hair
  • Change the lighting on the face

For full body portraits, here are several enhancements that my software will do.

  • Body contouring 
  • Adjust build & height 
  • Correct posture — natural fixes for camera distortions and unflattering posing.
  • Smooth skin & remove blemishes 
  • Face editing controls — adjust expression, smooth skin and re-light the face.