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These videos are best viewed in full screen.  Just click the full screen icon on the bottom right of each video to expand to full screen.  I hope to add more videos in the future so check back often for updates.

Photozoom Pro 7

This is a demo on how to use the Photozoom plugin for Photoshop. Photozoom is a great product to increase the size of an image whether it was cropped or if you just want to increase the size for poster sized printing.



How to use an ExpoDisc to achieve proper colour temperature and exposure.  Not only can you get the best colour but also the perfect exposure for your lighting conditions.  It's all explained in this video.

Lens Filters

In this video I will explain how to use several different lens filters, their uses and the pros and cons of each.

Create a Custom Menu Item

How to create a custom camera setting on your SLR.  I am using a Canon Mark 2 but this is similar with some other camera models.  This makes it easy to switch to a specific setting instantly without worrying about making numerous adjustments before taking your shot.

Rodelink Wireless Filmmaker Kit

This distance test was up to 100 meters or 300 feet. I even went beyond the recommended distance without loosing sound. This is my second test using this wireless mic. I highly recommend this microphone.  This device is light and the transmitter can clip to your belt or fit in a pocket.