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360° Virtual Tours

Creating a virtual tour of a property allows prospective tenants and residents to see the space in-depth without having to physically travel there. It works for both residential and commercial real estate. You can even use it to show prospects what a building that’s still under construction will look like when it’s finished, and help them imagine themselves in the space.  

Virtual Tour of an entire home (interactive walk-through).

  • $150 - up to 2000 sq/ft
  • $200 - 2001 to 4000 sq/ft
  • $250 - 4001 to 6000 sq/ft

Virtual 360° view of a place of business or property (examples here)

  • $80 for up to four 360° hosted images shot in HDR for the best dynamic range. Depending on the size of your business or property, one to four 360° photos will be taken.
  • This option is recommended if you just want to show a 360° view of one or two rooms or a property. This can also be an outside shot.
  • A few examples could be a doctor or dentist office, restaurant, a store, car dealership, your place of business or even your property outdoors.
  • Payment will be made at the end of your session by cash or credit card.

Editing the 360° photos, creating the virtual tour and uploading the tour to my server will take 3 to 5 days to complete. You will have two options for adding your tour to your website. An iframe embed code or a direct link. Your virtual tour will be hosted as long as needed until your sell your property or you no longer need to show your tour.

I will also make your 360° photos available for you to download in a private gallery. This will allow you to upload and host your 360° photos elsewhere or just to have a backup of your photos. Some social media websites can host 360° photos such as Facebook.

Note: There is no guarantee on how long I can keep your virtual tour active. It may expire if I change or cancel my subscription service that host 360° photos.