I Will Record Engaging, Credible and Compelling (Male/Female) TEXT TO SPEECH Voice Overs Fast AND AT GREAT PRICES!

There’s nothing more frustrating than watching a video or listening to an audio and hearing a voice that sounds like monotone garbled metal. It’s not only terrible quality, but it’s also downright distracting.

If you’re using this type of audio in your projects, you need to try our product because the quality is leaps and bounds above the competition!

Listen to eight sample realistic voices in the audio file below.    

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Your voiceover can be in American, UK, Australian or Indian (male/female) voices and in both mp4 and wav formats.

These voiceovers can be used in a number of ways. Use them in presentations, tutorial videos, YouTube channels and more!

I can normally deliver voice overs within 24 Hours.


  1. Complete the order form below.  After I receive the form I'll create a draft copy of your voice over.  I'll send you a draft file for review and what the final cost will be after doing a word and space count along with the approximate length of you voice over shown in the pricing below.  Note: This draft file will have a bleep sound every 20 to 30 words. 
  2. After you approve your voiceover, I will email you a link to a secure payment page on this website.  Once I receive payment I'll remove the bleeps from your draft copy and send you the final copy in both mp3 and wav formats.


    Free for a limited time for testing the ordering process and delivery of a voice over file.  During this free trial your voice over will be limited to 600 characters or approximately 100 words.

    No payment is required until you are satisfied with your draft copy.  The prices below will be determined when creating your draft copy.

    • $20 - $10 during promotion period for up to 600 characters with spaces (100 words), or approximately 30 seconds.
    • $35 - $17.50 during promotion period for 1200 characters with spaces, (200 words) or approximately 1 minute.
    • $50 - $25 during promotion period for 1800 characters with spaces, (300 words) or approximately 1.5 minutes.  This choice is the maximum length.

    I will round up or down to the closest time.  For example, if you voiceover ends up being 40 seconds I'll round down to the $20 payment.  If your voiceover is 48 seconds then I'll round up to the $35 payment. 

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